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Monti Pier Canada
Reviewed on 02 July 2020

I will stay overnight in Xitang and leave for Hangzhou next afternoon.
Do we have direct bus to Hangzhou? If yes, then how often? And how much do the entrance ticket to Hangzhou Xitang (day+ night)Tks

Reviewed to: Xitang Water Town

Replied:02 July 2020

Yes, you can take the direct coach from Xitang Coach Station to Hangzhou. The bus schedules are from 07:10 to 17:40 with the duration of around 1.5 hours. The ticket fare is CNY42/62 per person.

The entry fee is CNY 95, while CNY 50 for children between 1.2 - 1.5m and free for children under 1.2m. Note: It covers 11 scenic spots and Five Girls Theme Park.

Night ticket fare is CNY 50. Note: It's available after 17:00 from Apr. to Oct.

Kathleen USA
Reviewed on 02 July 2020

We were lucky enough to go on a tour with Alvin (four of us, a family) to the Hongcun and Xidi villages and Huangshan, but the true highlight of the tour was Huangshan. The weather can be fickle and unpredictable, and we experienced dense fog interspersed with occasional light rain, but when the fog lifted - it was like being given a gift of tremendous beauty, even more precious for how quickly the views changed. One minute all you see is a sheet of white ahead of you, the next minute, faraway clouds seeping over mountains, and the next, the whole city of Huangshan in the valley spread out below you. Although our parents were older and unaccustomed to strenuous hiking, they were still able to choose shorter hikes to go on and get their fair share of the mountain's beauty. The hot spring at the end of our trip, after two days of hiking of seemingly endless numbers of stairs, was also a surprisingly indulgent and peaceful experience. Alvin was exactly on point when he took us to the hot springs - even though it was clearly a huge (and famous) destination, with more than a dozen different kinds of hot spring baths, we were able to have the hot springs to ourselves for nearly an hour before more people started filing in. Finally, we thoroughly enjoyed having Alvin as our tour guide - he was always prompt, spoke great English (in fact, he juggled speaking both Chinese and English since our group has people who speak both languages with varying proficiency), and was very flexible regarding our requests. An unforgettable trip.

Reviewed to: 3 Days Huangshan Hot Spring Relaxing Tour in Winter

Dinh Luong
Reviewed on 02 July 2020

Which bus number should I take from Hangzhou Passenger Transport Central Station (Jiubao Passenger Transport Center) directly to Wuzhen Scenic Area?

Could I buy the combo ticket (Dongzha & Xizha) and visit Xizha on the 1st day and visit Dongzha the next day?
Thank you very much!

Reviewed to: Wuzhen Water Town

Replied:02 July 2020

It is exclusive line to Wuzhen so there is no bus number. Yes, you can buy the combo ticket but it is only valid for 1 day. It is suggested to visit Dongzha in the day and Xizha in the evening. However, if you live in the scenic area and don't come out, you can stay for several days.

Carol Pakula Australia
Reviewed on 02 July 2020

This is a beautiful water town located less than two hours drive from Shanghai. There are quite a few water towns around Shanghai, but this by far is the best.

The township has done a very good job of preserving the original architecture. It is clean and well organized.

You can do a day trip from Shanghai, but I would recommend a 1 night stay within the West or East Zha (gates). The reason is so that you can enjoy the wonderful scenery in the morning before the gates are open to day trippers. The highlight must be the lighting along the banks of the river town because it’s awesome so you must definitely make it a point to stay for the evening.

Entrance fee for the West park is 150 RMB. If you are staying within the park, you will get a 20% discount for the entrance fee.

Reviewed to: Wuzhen Water Town

Reviewed on 02 July 2020

I would like to visit both Wuzhen and Xitang in Nov. There is any easy way to travel from Wuzhen to Xitang? How long it will take? Thanks!

Reviewed to: Wuzhen Water Town

Replied:02 July 2020

There are several direct coach from Wuzhen to Xitang. The bus schedules are 09:15, 10:30, 14:20, 15:35, 16:40 and 18:00. It costs CNY 25 per person. And the duration is around an hour.

Eric & Ellen Vath
Reviewed on 02 July 2020

We took the high speed train from Shanghai to Yellow Mountain. We had an amazing experience with our guide Tony. The mountain range is spectacular, and the views and crowds in early July. were perfect due to the control of Covid-19. The pictures do not do the beauty of the place justice. Tony took us to a restaurant in Huangshan after our Yellow Mountain tour that my wife and I agreed had the best food of our trip. Tony went above and beyond, staying with us until our late evening flight, speeding us through the airport and security, and even sending pictures that he had taken of us after the trip. Tony was great, and so was the tour. There were no "detours" to sites were you get harrassed to buy things like on some tours.

Go to the Yellow Mountains if you have free time in Shanghai.

Reviewed to: One Day Huangshan Mountain Highlights Exploration Tour

Lourdes Corredor
Reviewed on 01 July 2020

Our guild David picked us up in the train station. David and one driver come with a mini van to drive us around. I think it is very convenient to have a car with you, especially in China. There are so many people there. Also in Huangshan area, it is far from the city. The public transportation is not that easy. David are very patient with us and very flexible with our rout. David did an amazing job tour us around, checking out popular places. I was blown away by his knowledge of Yellow mountain and other history with regards to the sites that we visited. He was funny, friendly, and very personable. We stayed in the hotel in the city the first night. The second day we went up to the mountain. It was raining at that day. David stopped at a local shop for us to buy rain coat and shoe covers. The shoe covers was very helpful. Highly recommended if it is a raining day for your. David accompanied with us all the way up to the Huangshan. My son wanted to go up some place and my wife just wanted to stay, so he accompanied with my son to some higher point. Thanks David for that. The next day we come down. We took the cable car up and down. It saved a lot of time and energy so you can walk around on the top of the mountain. David also took us to the local village (Old Street) for waling around. He just walked with us and introduced local specials. He did not push or ask us to buy anything. I though that was very special since I heard a lot about the tourist guy asking people to buy things. We had one of the most memorable and enjoyable vacations that we've ever had. We owe this pleasure to China Private Tour, to our guide David and to the great driver.

Reviewed to: Huangshan Vacation Packages: 3 Days Mt.Huangshan Essential Highlights Tour (Overnight on the Summit)

Reviewed on 29 June 2020


I am planning to to visit Yellow Mountain in September. I will be traveling from Shanghai, how long does it take to get there by bus. How long in advance i should book the tickets? Is there any website so I can do it online? Also how long is the bus, I found various times and I am a little confused.
From Huangshan I will be going to Hangzhou. And which way is better travelling from Shanghai to Huangshan, by train or by bus?

I do not plan on doing the hike, just visiting villages. I have about 4 days. Should I stay in Tunxi and travel from there for a day trip? My plan so far is to see Xidi and Hongcun. Any other recommendations?

Thank you!

Reviewed to: One Day Huangshan Mountain Highlights Exploration Tour

Replied:29 June 2020

In Shanghai South Bus Station, there are direct buses to the scenic area. The fare is CNY148. The bus duration is about 5 hours.

But the best way to travel from Shanghai to Huangshan is by train. It takes only 4 hours and costs 191RMB (second class seat) per ticket for one way. 

You are suggested to book the tickets at least 2 days in advance if in travel peak season. There are websites for the online booking (ctrip). You can ask your hotel staff to help you with the booking or we can help you book the tickets online. 

Your plan is good. Xidi Hongcun is worth visiting, which is the best choice for your extended trip.

Nikki from US
Reviewed on 29 June 2020

China Private Tour provided everything I could possibly want with a private, customized tour of Huangshan. We contacted CPT following friends recommendation, they got back to us quickly with a full detailed plan with photos of what we should expect (in real life all looked much better than the photos). We were treated like royalty at each stop. We spent 2.5 days with our guide David. We are a family with three girls ages 11, 14, 16 from US, we loved every minute and every selection David did. We spent the first half day in Hongcun village which was very picturesque and then went on to a day and a half in the Yellow mountains. David arranged the top hotel on the mountain (need to book in advance), made sure we see as much as we can, woke up at 4:30am to direct us to try and see the sunrise, made sure that during the day we see as much as possible and when we had time for lunch choose tasty fun places. He made our experience perfect, took best care of us and made sure all is in place, transportation, accommodation, gastronomy etc.. his explanations are clear, he is of an optimistic nature, enjoys what he is doing and understands his customers and cares for them. He is HIGHLY recommended in Huangshan.

Reviewed to: Huangshan Vacation Packages: 3 Days Mt.Huangshan Essential Highlights Tour (Overnight on the Summit)

Bill Kerwin
Reviewed on 14 May 2020

Tony was the best tour guide we have ever had. We (family of five) really enjoyed the hiking at Mt. Huangshan and the tour of Hongcun Ancient Village where "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was filmed. We highly recommend Tony for a tour guide.

Reviewed to: 3 Days Mt. Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) Hiking with Huizhou Ancient Town Tour (Overnight on the Summit)

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