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Qianjiang New Town

Skyline of the Qianjiang New Town

The Qiangjiang New Town, which was designed to be Hangzhou citys new CBD, is located on the east bank of Qiangtangjiang River, mother river of Hangzhou city and Zhejiang Province. The designated area composes 3 major buildings, among which are the City Administration Building, the International Conference Center and the Hangzhou Grand Theater. Its modern though, the building and design also reflects the very concept of Chinese culture, even a shadow of authoritarianism can be found in the huge complex. The new City Administration, for example, has four skyscrapers forming a huge circle when viewed from the sky with four blocks of suspended corridor in the upper floor, which surely represents the very idea of HARMONY. The word HARMONY is also the key word that the Chinese government set as a goal to fulfill in terms of governing. The Grand Theater and City Conference Center, each looking like the moon and the son, draw a picture of both the sun and the moon flaming in the new CBD, which is also an obvious concept of Chinese culture.

Hangzhous Qianjiang New Town is being developed into a new central business district. The skyline of this commercial hub is decorated with the unique golden egg structure of the International Conference Center, the posh grandeur of the Grand Theatre, and the spectacular open public space, City Balcony, which overlooks the Qiantang River. Not to forget, the elegant Citizen Centre gives the impression of four people holding hands in a circle of harmony and co-operation towards a better life.

At the beginning of the new century, focusing on one city seven centers, Hangzhou has entered a new stage of development moving from Westlake Era to Qiantang River Era by fully implement of the strategy of opening up along the Qiantang River and develop across the river.

Qianjiang Century CBD and Qianjiang New Town, as CBD along Qiantang River, which face each other across the river, marks new cores of Hangzhou City in future.

As one of two cores, with planned land use of 22.27 square kilometers, Qianjiang Century CBD signifies Lujiazui in Hangzhou.

Qianjiang Century CBD will become regional CBD in the south of Yangtze River and head base of industrial zone around Hangzhou Bay, stressing on modern service industry, as a high-tech and multi-functional CBD gathering business area, finance, commerce and trade, sports and exhibition, tour and leisure.

Now, large-scale construction projects have sprung out like mushrooms in Hangzhou, such as Hangzhou Line2, the first tunnel across the river in HangzhouQingchunlu Crossing-River Tunnel, which connecting Qianjiang Century CBD to main city area.

The three-year action plan of build a new town with all efforts in three years has been put into practice since 2008. By the end of this year, Qianjiang Century CBD will begin to appear its new image. In three years, 60 high buildings and large mansions will appear along the Qiantang River.

Qianjiang New Town, which is full of magic and hope, will be the political and cultural center of Hangzhou. Moreover, with developed finance industry, information industry, and tourist industry, it will be the "heart" of Hangzhou.

Qiantang Rive Tide

The soaring tide of the Qiantang River is such a marvelous spectacle that only the Amazon River's surging tide rivals it!
Along the Hangzhou Bay, people are looking forward to the grand Qian Tang River Tide.
Annually, millions of people from both home and abroad flock there to watch the magnificent tide on the eighteenth day of the eighth lunar month (also around the Mid-Autumn Day). When the surging tide comes, the water can rise up to a height of 30 feet and the noise it generates sounds
like thunder, or thousands of horses running. Various activities will also be held to celebrate the annual Tide - Watching Festival, according to local custom. In terms of its history, the custom of watching the bore tide has happened for more than 2000 years. It first appeared during the first century. Then, it became popular in the Tang Dynasty (about 7th -13th century). Yangong town in Haijing 45 km (about 28 miles) from Hangzhou is the best place to watch the Qiantang Tide.

Why is it so spectacular? On the 18th day of the 8th lunar month, the sun, the moon, and the earth are on the same line, so the gravitation that the sea receives is the biggest. It is relevant to the shape of the Hangzhou Bay, which is the entrance that Qian Tang River go into the sea. Its shape is like a horn. Much water crowd into the narrow riverway, the former water is blocked, and the latter water rush to the former water hurriedly. So they crash each other and make roar. So the grand scene comes. The height of the tide is more than 3 meters. Moreover, the tide is relevant to the gravitation of the sun and the moon. It is a periodical phenomenon in the nature.

How to get there:
The bore is visible from the banks of the river in Hangzhou, but is far more dramatic in Yanguan (Yngun Zhn ι), a small town (with a picturesque old section) about 40 km (24.85 mi) northeast of Hangzhou. You can get there by bus from Hangzhou's East Bus Station (RMB 20). The most popular viewing spot in Yanguan is from the Guanchao Resort Park (Hinng Guncho, ۳), which costs RMB 20 to enter, but any spot on the bank is as good as another.


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