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Home > China water town tours nearby Hangzhou and Shanghai

Hangzhou''s water towns, often referred as " Venice of the East" . With a history of over 1,000 years, the water towns nearby Hangzhou have remained almost unchanged, retaining a genuine atmosphere of antiquity. These water towns are famous for their ancient buildings, bridges, canals, and ways of life that have not changed in centuries. They are idyllic destinations to unwind from the hustle and bustle of China's cities and can offer visitors glimpses into China's ancient past. Travel with us, you will have chance to visit the top water towns of China nearby Hangzhou, Shanghai.
There are two main reasons for visiting a shanghai water town in China. First, life in these water towns seems to have stood still and visitors can still see the unique traditional folk cultures of Southeastern China. Their vicinity to Hangzhou & Shanghai makes the tour flexible enough to be extended. It is easy to fall in love with a place where life is still seems traditional and laid-back. If you take the time to visit these water towns, you will be surprised by what you discover.

Known as a collection of beauty of China 's water town, Zhouzhuang, like a lotus on the water. As one of the most famous water towns in China, Zhouzhuang is located in Kunshan City, 30 kilometers (18 miles) to the southeast of Suzhou City. Occupying an area of just over half a square kilometer (124 acres), over 60 percent of Zhouzhuang's buildings were built during the Ming (1368-1911) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties. Sitting on a boat, you may be carried away by the quiet and beautiful scene. At night when all streets are empty, you catch a glimpse of dim lights down the narrow lanes. Occasionally, the sweet peace is punctuated by the distant sound of laughter, and a harmonious environment is created. >> Read More

Zhouzhuang Ancient Water Town

Wuzhen, a town with a history of 1200 years, is just 50 minutes' drive from Shanghai City . This small town, with its black tiled, tung oilpainted timber framework houses, that contrast sharply with its white walls and gray flagging, brings to mind a Chinese ink and wash painting. The river running through the town was once the main means of transportation for local people, but these days is little used, other than for festive celebrations, when bulk cargo is shipped in. The window sills of the houses on the banks of the river are further extended with boards, on which flowers, plants and bonsai bloom in the warm sunshine, adding a touch of life and color to this tranquil, old-style town. >> Read More

Recommended Tour: One day Wuzhen Old water town tour from Hangzhou. (Starts from Shanghai is available)

Wuzhen Ancient Water Town

Xitang is level, densely distributed with rivers and has a very quiet natural environment.9 rivers converge in this town, dividing it into 8 sections, but many bridges link this water town together(anciently called as ”°nine dragon old pearl”± and ”°wind from 8 sides”±).Inside the town, there are many well-preserved architectural groups constructed during the Ming and Qing dynasties, which boast a higher artistry and study value, thus being highlighted by the experts at home and abroad studying antique buildings. Through a bird's-eye view of the whole town, green waves ripple everywhere and every family resides near water. The whole old town is like a poem and a picture. >> Read More

Recommended Tour: One day Xitang water town tour from Hangzhou. (Starts from Shanghai is available)

Xitang Ancient Water Town

The history of Luzhi dated back 2500 years ago when King of Wu during the Spring and Autumn Period built his palace north of the town. From Tang dynasty through Ming and Qing, many man of letters lived in this dreamland water town. Lies 23 km to the north of Suzhou, Luzhi Water Town is a typical ancient watery town renowned for its old folk houses, Arhat Statues of Baosheng Temple and ancient business street, etc. Luzhi also enjoys a reputation of ”°land of bridges”± as it well preserved over 41 varied shaped stone bridges, dating back from Song Dynasty (960-1279) to Qing Dynasty (1636-1911). Luzhi is currently listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Tentative List as ”°The Venetian Township South of the Yangtse River-Luzhi”± >> Read More

Luzhi Ancient Water Town

Tongli is a small town with a population of 50,000, covers a total area of 100 square kilometers. Surrounded by water on four sides, the place looks as if it were inlaid in the centre of five lakes including Jiuli, Yeze, Nanxing and Pangshan. The proper of this town is divided into seven blocks by fifteen streams. However, they have been combined into a complete whole by 49 bridges in different shape. With their dwellings built beside the stream, the locals all enjoy the convenience to travel by boat. In such a case, Tongli is acclaimed as one of the well-preserved ancient towns with water scenery in Jiangsu province. >> Read More

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Tongli Ancient Water Town

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