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What is the weather like in Hangzhou and when is the best time to travel there?

Hangzhou is in the semi-tropical area and has outstanding monsoon climate. Hangzhou is a beautiful water city in China. Winter is usually rainy, which makes it feel colder than it is. Summer is very hot. So the best time to travel to Hangzhou is spring and fall. What a cozy thing to enjoy the amazing scenery in a pleasant day!

What should I take along with while traveling to Hangzhou?

It is recommended that you bring comfortable shoes. You will undoubtedly being doing a lot of walking, so comfortable shoes are a must. Sunscreen is recommended, as well as carrying bottled water with you. If you are photography lover, do not forget your camera, film and batteries, or you will never forgive yourself. Besides, an umbrella is a must. Shower in Hangzhou is frequent, so bringing an umbrella with you is a good choice.

What kind of vehicles is available for getting around in Hangzhou?

In Hangzhou, there are many options for getting around, such as taxis, buses, minibuses, pedicabs and of course by your private driver. There are also cars and bikes for rent.

What are accommodations like?

There are many kinds of hotels in Hangzhou. For the 5-star hotels, we recommend the Sofitel Westlake Luxury Hotel . For the 4-star hotels, we recommend the Lakeview Hotel. For the 3-star hotels, we recommend the Lily Hotel. There are also many small hotels which are clean and pleasant.

What cuisine options are there in Hangzhou? Are there other options besides only local foods?

The cuisine available in Hangzhou is quite diverse. The local food in Hangzhou has an almost endless variety, and is far more delicious than anything you can find in a "Chinese" restaurant in the west. We highly suggest you try the foods. We are fairly certain you will love it. There are also many Western restaurants in Hangzhou as well as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, and KFC.

What are the currency and the ATM system in Hangzhou like?

Foreign currencies cannot be used directly in Hangzhou, but you can exchange your money at the many Bank of China outlets throughout the province. Most major hotels in Hangzhou will accept major credit cards. Your hotels also can change money for you and ATMs are easy to find.

Will there be problems with the language barrier?

Visitors to Hangzhou do not need to worry about the language barrier. Each visitor will have an English-speaking tour guide, and most of the staff in the star rated hotels can speak English.

What are Hangzhou cuisine specialties?

Beggar's Chicken (an entire chicken wrapped in a ball of mud to keep the original chicken taste), West Lake Fish in Sweet Sour Sauce (vinegar coated the lake fish), Dongpo Pork (braised pork) and Fried Shrimps with Longjing Tea Leaves, and so on.

Where can I easily find the authentic Hangzhou cuisine?

Hefang Street, Baoshu Road and Gaoyin Lane are famous cuisine streets in Hangzhou.

Where can I color my night life?


Shuguang Road (·) is fulfilled with artistic ambience and pretty hot bar area. Like the Maya (žư), Travel Pub (߾ư) are very popular.

Nanshan Road also has a good portion of the local atmosphere bars. Lake of the Dream (֮ Add: No.103 Nanshan Road) is favored for the well mix of its unique wooden furniture and passionate music.


Chenghuang Teahouse (¥ Add: No. 3 Wushan Road, Shangcheng District) is nice to have a relaxing night by savoring Longjing tea and snacks, chitchat with your mates, immerse in the soothing music, etc.

Lakeside Teahouse (ϾӲ¥ Add: No. 23 Hubin Road) next to the West Lake is also among the Hangzhou most famous teahouses.

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