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Hangzhou Bicycle Route A

With bike-rental stations scattered around the city, pedaling is one of the easiest ways to tour Hangzhou. Hangzhou has a well developed bicycle renting system. There are altogether over 1,000 public bicycle spots in Hangzhou. Visitors can rent a bicycle and tour around the city freely. Renting a bike and touring Hangzhou is easy and convient. We've laid out the paths for you.

Bicycle culture may be slowly disappearing from larger Chinese cities, such as Shanghai, but travelers in scenic Hangzhou can easily avoid the hellishness of increasing car traffic and get a taste of traditional Chinese cycling culture.

Here are five scenic, peaceful routes to get started on:

Alternative Route A: South of West Lake

Bicycle Route A-South of Westlake

The Route:
Start Point: Hangzhou Mansion
Hangzhou Mansion-Yan'an Road-Qingchun Road-Hubin Road-Nanshan Road- Hupao Road-Yuhuangshan Road
Finishing Point: Yuhuangshan Road
Distance: 20 KM

The Route Introduction:

This hangzhou bicycle route includes the morden part of hangzhou as well as the most beautiful, nature and quite part of this city.

Depart from Hangzhou Mansion (杭州大厦) as a reference point, you’re going to want to head south on Yan’an Road (延安路) until Heavenly Wing over Wu Hill. If you’d prefer to bike along West Lake as opposed to Hangzhou’s city center, head west when Yan’an Road hits Qingchun Road(庆春路), then head south on Hubin Road (湖滨路) along the south end of the West Lake. After about five blocks, Hubin runs into Nanshan (南山路), the hub of activity along West Lake’s south waterfront.

Continue on Nanshan until it turns west at the south corner of West Lake. Instead of turning west to follow Nanshan, continue straight on Yuhuangshan Road (玉皇山路). This is where the scenery starts to get interesting, as the buildings spread out and the trees start to increase in volume. Stay on Yuhuangshan (玉皇山) until you reach Lianhuafeng (莲花山), which goes west. You’ll see the China National Silk Museum (中国丝绸博物馆) just before the turn. This museum is one of the best in Hangzhou, and worthy of a stop if this is where you choose to end your bike trip. It’s 3.41 miles from Wulin Square to the National Silk Museum, so 6.82 miles round trip (11 kilometres).

If you’re not feeling like a museum day or want a more intense bike ride, then head down Lianhuafeng, which twists through a neighborhood of detached traditional housing. If you choose to continue straight on Yuhuangshan, you’ll see some interesting scenery, but you’ll soon hit a tunnel that will take you south to the river and isn’t particularly fun to bike through. So I recommend taking Lianhuafeng, which winds through the forest south of Hangzhou for about 1.3 miles (2.1 kilometres), at which point it turns into Hupao Road (虎跑路). Go north on Hupao to head back towards the lake. If you’re looking to take a break, a great place for a rest is Shaonian Ertong Park (少年儿童公园). It’s not far north from the intersection of Lianhuafeng and Hupao, less than a quarter mile. You want to trek on, continue north on Hupao until it becomes Nanshan (about another mile). From there, it’s 6.3 miles (10.1 kilometres) back to Wulin Square. Roundtrip, that’s just over 11 miles.

Points of interest:
Hangzhou Mansion Area,Yan’an Road, Qingchun Road, Hubin Road: The most popular shopping center in Hangzhou. Specializes in luxury brands and internationally recognized cosmetics and clothing lines.
Yuhuangshan Road, Heavenly Wing over Wu Hill: This area used to the original place for the palace in the Southen Song Dynasty. You can see a lots of ancient buildings there. And this area is also one of the city's culture center in Hangzhou.
Nanshan: The most beautiful Road in Hangzhou with lots of bars, coffe shops, galleries.
China National Silk Museum, Hupao Road: This area has the most beautiful nature view in Hangzhou. Lots of drangon well tea bushes, trees scatter on both sides of the roads.

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