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Hangzhou Attractions

í░Above is Heaven, Below are Suzhou and Hangzhouí▒. The Chinese saying goes that Hangzhou is the Godí»s country on earth. It is easy to understand why Hangzhou and its surroundings were known for centuries as "the land of milk and honey". Known as one of the most beautiful cities in China, Hangzhou attracts numerous tourists annually both from home and abroad for its historic relics and natural beauty. The city has a reputation for both great natural beauty and cultural and historical importance. There is so much to see in Hangzhou, that hangzhouprivatetour.com can only present a few of these places.

Hangzhou Top Attractions - Highlights in Hangzhou

West Lake (Xi Hu):

The West Lake is the most famous attraction with lots of beautiful legends and stories in Hangzhou. Cruising around the enchanting lake on a dragon boat, visitors may feel that it is in heaven. There are ten famous views of the West Lake, including the Spring Dawn at Su Causeway, the Lotus in the Breeze at Crooked Courtyard, the Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake, the Melting Snow at Broken Bridge, the Orioles Singing in the Willows, the Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor, the Sunset Glow at Leifeng Pagoda, the Twin Peaks piercing Clouds, the Evening Bell at Nanping Hill, and Three Pools Mirroring the Moon. Each view makes up of the perfect West Lake.

The Lingyin Temple:

It is built in 326BD, and it has a history of more than 1600 years. It is one of the famous ancient monasteries in China. There are several main halls with the grand Buddhist statues in the temple. Beside the intriguing Lingyin temple is the Peak Flown From Afar. It is not only a beautiful attraction but also an important grotto area. On the cliffs of the peak, there are full of 330 stone carvings in Song and Yuan Dynasties. The most noticeable one is the smiling Maitreya, the biggest stone carving with high value.

Dragon Well Tea(Longjing Tea)Plantation:

Longjing actually means, "Dragon Well", a place suitable for the planting of the famous green tea. Longjing Tea is one of China's best teas and is one reason for Hangzhou's international fame. The tea is grown in the Longjing mountain area of Hangzhou, southwest of the West Lake. The place is frequently visited by those who come for a taste of the Longjing tea, well noted for its greenness, fragrance, mellow taste, and beauty of tea leaves.

Six Harmonies Pagoda:

Located on the Yuelun Hill besides Qiantang River, Hangzhou Six Harmonies Pagoda was built by King of Wuyu to ward off Qiantang bore. As high as 59.89 meters, this grand pagoda has 7 sides and 8 stories. Looked down from the top, all Qiantang River beauty is birdviewed. Now near Six Harnonies Pagoda, a Garden of China Ancient Pagodas with more than 100 pagodas and towers in various dynasties has been constructed to display Chines pagoda culture integratedly.

China Silk Museum:

Near the West Lake, the China Silk Museum is the biggest silk museum in the world. In the main hall, it tells a story about the origin and development of the silk, the main kinds of the silk, the Silk Road, and the part that the silk played in ancient time. In the dyeing and weaving hall, it shows the development of the weaving machines in ancient time. In the modern time success hall, it shows the great achievements of silk production, silk research, and silk trade. In the quiet environment, visitors may learn about the silk culture of China.

Qinghefang Street:

Since ancient times, Qinghefang has been the a prosperous area. During the Southern Song Dynasty, it witnessed great numbers of stores and rows of tea shops, being the cutural, political and business center of Hangzhou . Since Yuan Danasty over 700 years ago, this area has been always the business area. What's more, the tea culture, medicine culture, food culture along with all kinds of folk arts fully embodies the local flavor and characteristic.


Song Dynasty Town:

"Give me one day, and I will return you a thousand years" is the slogan of the Song Dynasty Town. In fact, this largest theme park of Song culture all over the country is indeed worth a visit. The palace garden, relay station, store, workshop, market, Rainbow Bridge, city gate tower, Immortal Mountain, countryside and the folk customs and culture performances on the streets reproduce the prosperous scene of the Bianjing and Lin'an as capitals in the Song Dynasty.


Xiling Seal Society:

Located on the west of the Zhongshan Hill Park near the Solitary Hill and the West Lake, the Siling Seal Society is an academic group specialized in seal cuttings of metal and stones, and art of painting and calligraphy.It occupies a wonderful place among the lake and hills, concentrating the essence of metal and stones, is the pride of the Solitary Hill Garden.


Attractions Beside Hangzhou

Wuzhen Old Water Town:

As one of the six ancient towns in China, Wuzhen (near Hangzhou) locates along the Grand Canal. The special water town atmosphere and exquisite local buildings make Wuzhen full of charm. The small bridge, running water, and old houses make Wuzhen have special cultural deposits. Except for the tranquil sights, don't forget to visit the Mao Dun Former Residence. There you can see the palm tree that was planted by Mao Dun (a famous writer in China) himself; moreover, you can learn a lot of stories of him.


Thousand Islands Lake( 1000 islands lake):

Qian Dao Lake is located in Chuní»an County, about 160 km west of Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province. It is one of the first batches of national-level scenic spots in China, and also the biggest forest park in China, making it a must-see attraction in any Chinese tour itinerary. With exquisite scenery and an excellent environment, it attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year.


The former residence of Hu Xueyan

The former residence of Hu Xueyan is probably the best preserved late Qing Dynasty residences in the city. Hu Xueyan was a famous businessman and founder of the Huqing Yutang Traditional Medicine Store (one of the two most renowned in the country). It was built in the 11th year (1872) of the reign of Emperor Tongzhi at enormous expense (100,000 taels of silver). There is a lot going on in this seemingly little area just across the road from the Drum Tower.

Xixi Wetland National Park
Xixi Wetland National Park locates at the west part of Hangzhou City. It is 5 kilometers far away from the beautiful West Lake, and is a precious example of a wetland in an urban area. Called as "Three Xi" in Hangzhou with the West Lake and the Xiling Seal Engravers' Society, it is the first and also the only national wetland park integrating with city wetland, agricultural wetland and cultural wetland in China at present.

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