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Fei lai feng(Peak Flown From Afar)

The Portrait of Laughing Buddha
in Lingyin Temple

The Fei Lai Feng is situated in the east of Ling Yin Si. Isolated from others, its stone quality is totally different from that of surrounding mountain groups. It is 167 meters high, on the peak of which there are many grotesque stones in the shapes of charming dragon, prostrate tiger, walking elephant and scared ape. The color of the stones is also queer, green touched with purple, shining and slippery to the full tastes of visitors.

Fei Lai Feng, 209 meters (about 700 feet) tall, is a pure limestone mountain that is very distinctive from the sandstone mountains around it. Large stones scattered along the peak are said to resemble animals like a flying dragon, a running elephant, a crouching tiger, and a fleeing monkey.

On the other side of the peak, a pavilion named Cui Wei was erected to immortalize the national hero Yue Fei. This man contributed greatly in the war against Jin Tribe during the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279).The pavilion was destroyed many times before the large restoration of 1942. The current pavilion keeps its old face with fresh paint.

Carved stone buddha

The biggest Budha image of the Fei Lai Feng is Maitrey with cloth bag on shoulder, otherwise known for Budaha of joy, with an exposed breast and belly, it sits on a cliff along the brook, laughing since the Northern Sung (960-1127). There is also an image of King Da Li Ming with three heads, eight arms, and stripping to the waist, colorful crown on his head and a pearl and jade necklace hanging around his neck, a superb example of the statues of the Yuan Dynasty.

In 1993, a new site by the name of "China Grotto Art Garden" was set up around the Fei Lai beauty spot. Thousands of professionals and aficionados in the fields of engraving and grotto research flock to this place to study the unparalleled Chinese classical rock carvings.

Apart from the magnificent caves and grottos, the Peak Flown from Afar has a variety of odd stone figures, such as dragon, elephant and tiger shapes, which were naturally built. Thus the place is like an extraordinary zoo of stone carved animals. Ancient trees are seen all around the peak too. Su Dong

The well known Chinese poet Su Dongpo once said that "One loves the scenery of the Peak Flown from Afar of the Lingyin Temple best, though beautiful landscape is everywhere."(溪 山处处皆可庐,最爱灵隐飞来峰) A lot of treasures are waiting for you to explore and discover, and you will have a happy trip here. The Peak Flown from Afar has become one of the most frequently visited attractions in Hangzhou. It is welcomed by tourists and Buddhist followers at home and abroad.

Among all the mountains around West Lake, It is the one most likely to simulate the imagination and make one reluctant to leave. welcome to Hangzhou,welcome to Feilaifeng!!

Story about the Peak Flown From Afar

Story One: Like all the most popular tourist attractions in China, there's a host of conflicting stories about how the towering Feilai Feng (Fēilái Fēng, 飞来峰) got its name. Translating as the "Peak Flown From Afar," the most popular legend tells

The Stone Portrait Carving of Ji Gong

of an Indian Monk who chanced upon the 209 meter rock some 1,600 years ago, and assumed it must somehow have come from India given how similar it was to the peaks in his homeland. Whatever the truth in that, it's certainly a rather special place today, and affords wonderful views over the surrounding countryside (if you can see past the hordes scrambling up there with you).

Story Two: It was said that one day, Monk Ji Gong (济公, also called Dao Ji) of Lingyin Temple suddenly predicted there would be a peak flying from afar. At the time, the front of Lingyin Temple was a village. Monk Ji Gong was worried about the arrival of the unknown peak would cause casualty and he ran to the village to warn the villagers of what might happen and advised them to leave as quickly as possible. Ordinarily, in the eyes of villagers, Ji Gong acted like a mad monk and preferred to play tricks on them. They mistook Ji Gong’s advice as a trick again; hence nobody took it seriously, which made Monk Ji Gong worried. At this time, He rushed into a family where there was a wedding ceremony and took the bride rapidly out of the house. The villagers found the monk dared to get the bride away from the ceremony and hell-for-leather went after him. Suddenly the gale begun and the whole sky turned dark when they were chasing Ji Gong, and with a sound of Hong, a peak fell down to the front of Lingyin Temple. And the peak did not destroy the village at all. The villagers got aware that Monk Ji Gong saved them all. And this peak was Fei Lai Feng, the Peak Flown From Afar.

Admission:RMB 35
5:00am-6:00pm daily
How to get there:
By taxi, Fei Lai Feng is a 15 minute ride from West Lake. Or you can take bus no. K7, Y1 or Y2.

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