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Zhuji Pearl Market ( Hangzhou Pearl Market, Shganghai Peral Market)


Zhuji Pearls and Jewellery Market

Zhuji Pearl Market ( Hangzhou Pearl Market, Shganghai Peral Market)

Zhuji Pearls Market (China Pearls and Jewellery City) is one of the biggest markets for fresh water pearls worldwide.

Location: Shan Xia Hu town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province

Opening hour: 09:00 ¨C 17:00, 7¡Á365, except a 15-day-close down during Spring Festival.

Market Scale: 1.2 million square meters, 2380 showroom.

Products Range: Loose pearls of all types, all sizes, and all colors, for wholesale and retail. Mainly fresh water
pearls. Pearl crafts of vary types etc.


Zhuji Pearls Market Advantages:

A unique location ¨C Zhuji.

Loose pearls of all types, all sizes, and all colors, for wholesale and retail. Mainly fresh water pearls

Zhuji, the capital of the ancient Yue Kingdom and native town of Xishi (legendary beauty in ancient China), is a famous place in the history in China for home of pearls.

A complex of 1.2 million square meters, with total investment is over 3 billion RMB which is about 450 million USD, with a yearly transaction of about 750 tons of pearls and pearl jewelry.

2,380 showrooms are already fully built. About 1,500 showrooms are already in business. A large part of the finished showrooms are still waiting for new owners.

Zhuji has the largest pearl marketplace in the world and is the world¡¯s largest freshwater pearl distribution centre and a region with the most advanced pearl processing technologies in China. Its pearls are exported to 50+ countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Europe, Japan Russia and Southeast Asia.

Zhuji¡¯s annual freshwater pearl trade volume represents 70% of annual world¡¯s freshwater pearl trade volume and 80% of annual China¡¯s freshwater pearl trade volume.

And this market is designed to be a global pearl and pearl jewellery production and processing centre, a distributing and logistics centre, a brand display and trade centre, a business information and cultural exchange centre, a business travel and shopping centre, and a sales and marketing centre for local and international manufacturers and suppliers.

Now this market is a China AAAA tourist destination and a 5 star provincial market.


Sourcing Tips for Buying from Zhuji Pearls Market:

Loose pearls of all types, all sizes, and all colors, for wholesale and retail. Mainly fresh water pearls

¡°You have to be an expert!¡± Buying from such a huge market, you have to know pearls and pearl jewelry. Although the local government is taking very harsh actions to those who selling fake pearls and fake pearls jewelries, there is still possibilities you can buy those inferior products.

For example, some ¡°real pearls¡± are actually plastic beads with natural color, and some pearls are made from mother pearl powder. And pearl powder is made of mother pearl powder with certain Hazardous Substances. You have to be careful.


Zhuji Peals Market History:

The earliest Zhuji pearls market was built in 1985 by the local pearls farmers, named Guangshan pearls market. It was a small market of 300 square meters, had about 60 stalls.

After 6 moves, re-built and update, in 2008, this market grew to be a monster of 166,000 square meters complex, which trades over 700 tons of pearls and pear jewelry.Complementary services and facilities, such as finance, telecommunication and postal services are also available. The market mainly deals in a variety of freshwater pearls of four major categories, i.e. original pearls, pearl accessories, pearl arts and crafts, and pearl beauty care products. With its unique charm, Zhuji Pearl Market attracted many domestic and international merchants and celebrities. The pearl product were sold in Mainland China and exported to the United States, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Currently the market attract over ten thousand visitor on a daily basis.

How to go to Zhuji pearls market:

You can easily go to Zhuji from Shanghai by train or bus. The fast train takes about 1.5 hrs. Bus would take about 2.5 hrs. Or you can go to Hangzhou to Zhuji by train or bus, it takes about 1 hour. Go to Zhuji from Yiwu to Zhuji pearls market also needs about 75 minutes.

By Private Transfer
We could arrange private transfer from Shanghai city & Shanghai Airport, Hangzhou & Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport to Zhuji Pearl Market. Plz inquiry : chinaprivatetours@gmail.com


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