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Top Reasons to Visit Hangzhou

Reviewing the 2014 National Day, the ever crowded Hangzhou City has deeply impressed us. During the seven-day holiday, this city received 12.85 million visitors from home and abroad. Oct.1, the first single day, received over 1.98million people. More than 3.53 million visitors swarmed into the Westlake Scenic Area during the first four days of October. Why did Hangzhou attract so many visitors? Let¡¯s take a look.

1. By now, Hangzhou is honored with two world heritage sites ¨C the West Lake Scenic Area and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. When other scenic areas increase the entrance fees, the West Lake Scenic Area, as the only lake cultural heritage in China, still keeps free of charge.

2. Hangzhou again won the title of the most congenial retirement city in China in September 2014 for the fourth time since 2011, according to China¡¯s Fortune magazine.

3. Hangzhou is acknowledged as one of the 23 healthy cities in China, according to the CASS in 2013. The comprehensive evaluation indexes include healthy economy, healthy culture, healthy society, healthy environment and healthy management.

4. This city has forest coverage rate of more than 65%, ranking first among China¡¯s vice-provincial cities.

5. XIXI National Wetland Park, the largest one in China, is situated in Hangzhou City.

6. Hangzhou is the first and only city with high-speed rail crosses in China. The high-speed rails run into all four directions with a 350 km/h speed: Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail to the northeast, Hangzhou-Ningbo high-speed rail to the southeast, Hangzhou-Changsha high-speed rail to the southwest and Hangzhou-Nanjing high-speed rail to the northwest. Besides, Hangzhou has Asia¡¯s largest railway station ¨C Hangzhou East Railway Station.

7. Hangzhou offers the most comprehensive free public bicycle system. As China¡¯s first cities to implement public bike in 2008, Hangzhou public bikes topped the list in terms of the usage, costs, convenience and quantity. By 2020, Hangzhou public bikes will reach 175,000. By then, it could be the largest public bicycle system in China or even in the world.

8.Hangzhou is China¡¯s only city that cars give way to pedestrians at zebra crosswalks. Three bold Chinese characters ¡°³µÈÃÈË¡± (¡°Car give way to pedestrian¡±) on zebra crosswalks remind vehicles to reduce speed. Even electronic signs are stalled on high traffic roads. What¡¯s more, a crosswalk project is added to the city¡¯s driving test. By now, the comity rate in Hangzhou¡¯s main roads reaches 93.91%, according to the Nanjing Daily.

9. As China¡¯s second city to own rapid transit, Hangzhou has the country¡¯s leading bus system and rapid transit technology.

10. Hangzhou is the only comprehensive pilot of metropolitan economic reforms.

11. The world¡¯s second largest market capitalization company Alibaba is also situated in Hangzhou.

12. This city can warm your heart. All libraries in Hangzhou equally open to everybody who only has to follow the city¡¯s public guidelines. Those who wear slippers or vests will never be kept outside

Source: Hangzhou International Center/Hangzhou Tourism Commission/Hangzhou Weekly

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