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Jiuxi 18 stream (Nine rivers & Eighteen gorges)

Jiuxi 18 stream (Nine rivers & Eighteen gorges)


Jiuxi 18 stream means Nine rivers & Eighteen gorges". About 20 minutes north of the Qiantang River (Qintng Jing, Ǯ) from Liuhe Pagoda, the Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies (Ji X Shb Jin, Ϫʮ˽) make for a lovely stroll or bike ride through attractive countryside.Heading north from the river, the main path passes through paddies and tea terraces, along pleasant streams and, ultimately, to a small lagoon, a teahouse and the Longjing Tea Plantations further into the hills, terminating at Longjing Village (Lngjng Cn, ). You can also head south from the village toward the river.

Jiuxi 18 stream (Nine rivers & Eighteen gorges)

Jiuxi water is originally from Yangmeiling. On the way it confluences the streams of Qingwan, Hongfa, Fangjia, Foshi, Baizhang, Tangjia, Xiaokang, Yunqi and Zhutou. Thus its called Jiuxi (nine streams). The streams go through the green hills and calleys, and collects of numerous small streams, so its called nine creeks and eighteen gullies. In the ancient times, people often like to use nine to represent numerous. In fact, the streams of this mountain go all the way around the woods, converge many streams. Eighteen gullies originally refer to the source of the streams C the spring streams from Longjing area. Eighteen gullies is also used by ancient people to describe the meaning of numerous. There are not only eighteen gullies.

The source of the nine creeks and eighteen gullies formed a huge area of the funnel basin in LongjingVillage area, the basin around the mountains basically composed of sandstones, only the northeast corner near Longjing springs exposed limestone. In the Longjing basin, numerous small water on the slope around the mountains flow to the center of the basin that formed the beautiful scenery of torrent streams down to Jiuxi.


Jiuxi 18 stream (Nine rivers & Eighteen gorges)

The Jiuxi 18 streams are pure natural scene. The streams wriggle along the hills. There are 6 streams overflow on trails; stones are set on the stream. Visitors can walk in the water or step on the stones to across the stream. The poet Yu quyuan in Qing dynasty has poem: overlapping mountains, crooked path, tinkling spring, high and low trees.

Give yourself at least three or four hours to explore the creeks and gullies by foot or make it part of a larger Hangzhou bicycle ride. If you've had your fill of West Lake, the creeks and gullies make for a nice break from the crowds and go well with a visit to either Liuhe Pagoda or the Tea Museum.

8:30am C 5:30pm Daily
How to get there:
Take bus 8, 13, 87, 155, 501, 308, 510, and 834

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