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Hupao Spring (Tiger Running Spring)

Hupao Spring (Tiger Running Spring)














Hupao Spring is one of the nicest parks in Hangzhou , filled with teahouses, well-tended trees and shady pavilions.

The Hupao Spring is located in the side yard of the Huichan Temple (commonly known as the Hupao
Temple), which is at the foot of the Baihe Peak (White Crane Peak) of Daci Mountain, five kilometers
from Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province.

In reality, the Hupao Spring is formed by underground water seeping through veins and cracks within
quartz sandstone. According to measurement, the rate of flow reaches 43.2 to 86.4 cubic meters per
day. With pure and sweet water, the spring holds the first place among springs in the West Lake. The
Hupao Spring and the Longjing (Dragon Well) Spring are reputed to be the third spring under

Hupao Spring (Tiger Running Spring)
















Hupao Spring and Longjing Tea have been well renowned and acclaimed as ¡°two top specialties of West Lake.¡± Slight aroma of Longjing Tea made with sweet Hupao Spring water is absolutely refreshing. In the flourishing spring, the city has an intoxicating atmosphere created by tea as well as flower fragrance. On the afternoon of April 11, the 6th ¡°Two Top Specialties of West Lake¡± series activities were started in Hupao Park.

As the Chinese saying goes, ¡°water is the mother of tea.¡± The quality of tea lies with the quantity of beneficial substances that are dissolved in water, the taste, the aroma and the color. Hence, water plays an important role in making a cup of nice tea. As Hupao Spring water is clean and low in organic content, the aroma and taste of Longjing Tea is not distracted, which ensures that tea drinkers will enjoy the very authentic taste of Longjing Tea. Moreover, Longjing Tea is a top-class green tea in China and its anti-oxidative and free radical cleaning effects are enhanced by the microelements in Hupao Spring, which better safeguards tea drinkers¡¯ health.


Hupao Spring (Tiger Running Spring)
















The activity on Thursday invited Tu Youying, doctoral supervisor of Tea Studies Department, Zhejiang University, to explain the characteristics of Hupao Spring. Tu noted that Hupao Spring¡¯s groundwater age is over 20 years and it has a pretty long runoff, which enables multiple filtering. Meanwhile, the water is rich in microelements including selenium, zinc, silicon and strontium.

8:30am ¨C 5:30pm Daily
How to get there:
Take bus 8, 13, 87, 155, 501, 308, 510, and 834

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