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Hangzhou Bicycle Route B

With bike-rental stations scattered around the city, pedaling is one of the easiest ways to tour Hangzhou. Hangzhou has a well developed bicycle renting system. There are altogether over 1,000 public bicycle spots in Hangzhou. Visitors can rent a bicycle and tour around the city freely. Renting a bike and touring Hangzhou is easy and convient. We've laid out the paths for you.

Bicycle culture may be slowly disappearing from larger Chinese cities, such as Shanghai, but travelers in scenic Hangzhou can easily avoid the hellishness of increasing car traffic and get a taste of traditional Chinese cycling culture.

Here are five scenic, peaceful routes to get started on:

Alternative Route B: North westlake and in the lake

Bicycle Route B-North Westlake & Inner Westlake

The Route:
Start Point: Broken Bridge
Broken Bridge-Bai Causeway- Solitary Hill -Su Causeway
Finishing Point: Su causeway
Distance: 5.4 KM

The Route Introduction:

Starting with Hangzhou's iconic, lake-traversing bridege- Broken Bridge! Heading to west, past by the famous causeway-Bai Causeway. On the Bai causeway, you can visit the Zhejiang Provincial Mesum to know the entire history, culture of Hangzhou. Later, the Pinhu Autumn Moon which is the best place to look at the moon for the Mid-autumn Festival. A visit to The Temple of General Yue Fei () is also a good choice to know this great general in Hangzhou in the song Dynasty.

Next, ride toward the much longer and more serene Su Causeway, whose entire tree-lined length runs across West Lake.

This route travels across the famed Broken Bridge, onto Gushan Island, where you can visit numerous museums, nature trails and the renowned Louwailou restaurant, which specializes in Hangzhou cuisine.

This area offers a multitude of rewarding photo ops while traversing stone arch bridges.

Points of interest:

- Broken Bridge: C one of the Top 10 scenic spots, where the romantic legend of Xuxian and Lady Snake originated. Our experienced guides will tell you much more behind the ancient bridge, such as the origin of its unusual name.

- Bai Causeway, Solitary Hill C the story Plum Wife and Crane Son takes place on the hill. Lin Bu, also called Lin Hejing, was a real hermit and a talented poet in the Northern Song Dynasty.

On the top of the solitary hill is XiLing Seal Engravers Society, an academic community devoted to the study of inscription and seal-cutting. Founded in 1908 under the leadership of Wu Changshuo, the society was soon popular and developed into a famous center of seal-cutting, painting, and calligraphy.

The Su Causeway-was built in the fifth year of Yuanyou Period in the Northern Song Dynasty (1090) and has evolved since then. At that time, Su Shi (Dongpo), a poet known as the prefect in Hangzhou Prefecture, had the West Lake dredged, and built the Su Causeway by dredged silt. To commemorate Su Dongpo's achievements in controlling the West Lake, it is named as "Su Causeway". Since the Southern Song Dynasty, Spring Dawn on the Su Causeway has ranked the top among the "Ten Views of the West Lake". Built above horizontal waves, the long Causeway links the South Mountain and the North Mountain, adding a charming landscape for the West Lake.

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Bret USA 11/9/2011

Dear Sam,

I just wanted to thank you for making our hangzhou bicycle tour so special and economical. We love Hangzhou very much. We were extremely satisfied by all the arrangements and We thought the guides Leo wa fantastic and extremely hard working, he showed us all we expected before we take this bicycle tour. He is friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend your company to anyone who want to travel to hangzhou. ---- Bret


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On behalf of myself and my friend we would like to sincerely thank you for a fantastic hangzhou tour by bicycle. Thanks for your professional suggestions, efficient organization and thanks for choosingh the good bicycles for us. We cannot find any thing to complain about this hangzhou bicycle tour. We would like to come again and plz keep in touch---Simon

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