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Bamboo Lined Path At Yunqi

Quite literally, a bamboo lined path

This attraction locates southwest to the West Lakt, on the North Bank of Qiantang River and in Wuyun Hill Yunqi Village. Yunqi means clouds lingering. It is said that some auspicious color clouds came flying from the nearby Color Clouds Hill and lingered on here, hence the name. Bamboo C Lined Path at Yunqi is well known for its quietness and coolness. The famous stone paved footpath leading into the Yunqi valley is lined with hundreds of thousands of bamboo. Walking along the path, soon you will meet a pond called Mind Purifying Pond which means "a pure mind". The water is cool and clear, the hills are quite and beautiful. Beside it is a pond of the same name. The Meeting Rain Pavilion stands at the end of the path and in front of the entrance to the temple. Built in 967AD, the Clouds Lingering Temple is a world of coolness, a world without earthly cares and worries. The Qing Dynasty poet Chen Can wrote a poem entitled Mind-Purifying Pavilion:
Thousands of green bamboos cast their shadows to the sky,
A tiny spring flows into a winding stream;
When visitors come to the Mind-Purifying Pavilion,
Their worldly worries are sure washed away at once.

The one kilometer path cuts through a lush bamboo forest, which is also home to some of the oldest trees in Hangzhou (the oldest of which are over 1000 years old).

In Yun Xi, you can enjoy different nice scenes in different seasons. Come in Spring for its bamboo shoots growing among the bamboo forest; in summer for the cool breeze bringing the fragrance of trees; in autumn for its colorful forest over the surrounding hills; in winter for the whole valley clad in white. Three nice pavilions were constructed to grace the bamboo C lined path: "Mind Purifying Pavilion" "Dragon Back Pavilion" and "Meeting- Rain Pavilion". It will be a wonderful experience to enjoy the rain scene by sitting in the pavilion.


It was quiet and serene

The forest is breathtaking. It really makes you realise how insignificant you are when you stand next to the bamboo trees towering way above you. You are surprised at how hard the bamboo actually was - no wonder Asian builders use it as scaffolding! The thing really liked about the bamboo forest is the light - even though the forest was dense, it still seemed really light and crisp, because of the fact the bamboo's all green (not like normal trees where the trunk is dark brown). It gives the forest a totally different vibe, hard to explain but it was just fascinating.

Admission:RMB 8
7:30am C 5:30pm Daily
How to get there:
Take bus 324/K324, Y4 and K658 getting off at the Yunqi Zhujing station


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